Bots, bots, bots.

Skills & Competencies

Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Associate

Giving a voice to Druid chatbots

‌Together with our partner Druid, we developed a virtual assistant capable of taking voice commands in Romanian or English (and many others) and answering by voice in a maximum of 3 seconds, taking the experience of human-machine interaction to a completely different level.

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The revolutionary Andrei

‌IT Assist has created a personal virtual assistant, now from the chat box directly to the speakers.
The revolutionary Andrei is the employee of the future, able to store all the information you need and provide it in the clearest and shortest way to anyone who has access.

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Azure Bots Service

‌Azure Bots Service offer you the tools to build, test, implement and manage smart bots. Developers can design models for bots capable of delivering a speech, understanding and interpreting language, and providing relevant answers to interlocutor questions. Developers can create such solutions for any field and in any language.

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