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Azure Bots Service offer you the tools to build, test, implement and manage smart bots. Developers can design models for bots capable of delivering a speech, understanding and interpreting language, and providing relevant answers to interlocutor questions. Developers can create such solutions for any field and in any language.

In the past, IT Assist came up with its own examples of the applicability of the Azure Bots service. IT Assist virtual secretary, Carmen, was conversational challenged in a suite of areas to assess her current skills and highlight where there is still room for improvement. During the presentation, the learning process was also demonstrated live, through which Carmen came to know new information that she managed to insert in one of her response formats in order to pass it on when asked.

The bot can be implemented in social networks such as: Facebook, Messenger, Kik, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, text / SMS, Twilio, Cortana, Skype. It can also carry out online research processes, proofreading or analysis on texts (extract key phrases, information, etc.), language interpretation for a better understanding of the user's requirement in relation to the natural syntax of the language he uses. Just like a secretary, the bot can schedule appointments in your phone's calendar, depending on the leisure and duration parameters you set. Information about these meetings can be obtained through a complex conversation with the contact person.

With many other forms of use, the bot service can help you take your business to the next level. Key points in your operational processes can be taken into account in artificial intelligence to ensure that you make the most of human resources in the sectors where you need it most. IT Assist helps you with the implementation of all the software services you need and keeps you up to date with the most modern and revolutionary technologies on the market, so that you can give the best performance!

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