The revolutionary Andrei

IT Assist has created a personal virtual assistant, now from the chat box directly to the speakers.

The revolutionary Andrei is the employee of the future, able to store all the information you need and provide it in the clearest and shortest way to anyone who has access.

Andrei is a model based on the same principles as Carmen, the IT Assist chatbot, to which is added the ability to have oral conversation patterns through which the interaction with the user becomes more accessible and hands free. It can help you with internet research, setting appointments according to your calendar, text analysis and information extraction. If necessary, it helps you with questions less related to professional activity, such as what time it is and what the weather will be like.

Equipped with voice recognition, Andrei can assist you whenever you need just by calling him, without having to look at the phone or type. Also, the progress in the area of voice emulators transcends the reality of bots with a rigid and unilateral language, making AI a skilled conversational partner.

Jarvis, the Iron Man's assistant, is finally a reality! The new bot has the quality of being able to be installed on several platforms synchronized with each other. Thus, you can ask Andrei for help at home, when you are at the office, or to go through the calendar of the day when you are in the car.

IT Assist can help you get a bot based on Andrei's model, implementable in 40 languages. Your virtual assistant can help you and your employees. His artificial memory, incapable of forgetting, turns him into a reliable counselor, and the distributive attention allows him to be accessible at any time and to anyone in need, even several people simultaneously.

The employee of the future is here, and IT Assist is building it for you!

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