Managed Security

There are many security pains, especially for small businesses, and having the right tools to handle them can be a game changer.

Security can sometimes become too complex, it can also become costly, but you don’t need to spend more if you spend smart. And security is usually not seen as a business priority - attackers always have this in mind.

Keep your company safe: from keeping your inbox free from spam and viruses to blocking ransomware and phishing attacks, you can take the necessary steps to prevent attacks from happening.

Here’s how we can help!

IT Assist Managed Security takes care of all of this for you.

From making sure that you’re not confronted with dangerous email to keeping your data safe from intruders, you can rest assured and focus on what really matters - the business end.

Managed Endpoint Security

Enterprise Antivirus, Patch Management and Disk Encryption working altogether, backed by our professional Monitoring, Management and Reporting capabilities.

Managed Email Security

Make sure that your emails are safe from malware and other threats. Our Managed Email Security scans your email for dangerous attachments and automatically keeps you safe from harm. You even get a review notice to know about what happened.

Managed Microsoft 365 Security

From Multi-Factor Authentication to improved Security Policies, we make sure that you benefit from the best there is. We also like to keep the score, so you always know your security level.

Managed Office 365 Backup

We make sure everything is in order and your data is always available. You can focus on the important work.

Penetration Testing

We won’t wait for an attack to happen to see what needs to be improved. By conducting penetration testing and remediation we ensure that your site and network are always safe.

Website Protection

From Web Security to DDoS Prevention, we make sure that your clients can safely and easily find you on the web. And together with Penetration testing we can play mouse and cat by shielding-up your website and then try to break that shield to test the protection in real life scenarios.

Security Awareness training and testing

Nowadays everybody is working remotely from new and unsecured networks and this is the perfect opportunity for the bad guys. There's a lot of new money to be made by spreading malicious news about Covid-19, fake treatments and bogus live charts. Train your colleagues to recognize such fraud attempt and test their phishing resistance. Compare your company ability to stay safe with other companies of your size from your industry. We've partnered with global leaders in ethical hacking and security awareness programs to deliver a completely online comprehensive training and testing platform for all your colleagues.

By always keeping security up to date and making sure that your people and systems are resistant to attacks, our Managed Security Service is the perfect tool for keeping your business safe

Skills & Competencies

Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate

Fortinet: ‌Network 
‌Security Expert 4

Fortinet: Network 
‌Security Expert 2

The Linux Foundation:
‌Certified SysAdmin‌ 

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